Make Decisions About Your Student Feedback Based on Machine Learning Driven Insights and Not Just Instinct
An exclusive offer for Higher Education leaders! 

You are invited to provide Explorance with up to 1000 pieces of student experience or learning feedback.  The data will be run through Explorance BlueML, our machine learning solution specialized in analyzing student feedback at scale, and your institution will receive a free personalized student feedback analysis report.  

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Your Personalized Student Feedback Analysis Report

Based on your student feedback, the analysis will provide a snapshot of the main themes identified by Explorance BlueML algorithms, including:

  • Top 5 most popular topics
  • Top 5 most positive topics
  • Top 5 areas to improve
  • Actionable recommendations

Deeper Insights from your student comments

  • With Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis Built for Higher Education
  • Categorized Sentiment Analysis for driving insights to action

More Insights... 

  • Feedback Source-Agnostic Platform (Google, Campus Advisor, EDUopinions, etc.)
  • Numerous API integration possibilities (SIS, LMS,...) 

Beyond Insights...

Crowdsource timely and actionable recommendations on what the institution should:

  • Start/Stop doing  
  • Do more/less of  
  • Change




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Student Feedback Analytics Report

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