Skills Gap Report

Closing the skill gap after the great reshuffle

Many CHROs position 360 assessments as useful for individual and team development. But have you considered that you can gain deep insight – beyond high-level strengths and weaknesses - from the aggregate data you are collecting from these assessments?

When 360 assessments are done right—with the right people, the right products, and the right partner, they can provide insight into the shifting capability of your workforce and where you are most at risk. In this whitepaper, we will show how 360 data can help inform and guide your workforce strategy.

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Ask yourself three critical questions:

  • What capability are you losing?
  • What capability are you hiring?
  • How fast can your new hires come up to speed?

Why download the full report? 

The Great Resignation in the United States: Explore the ongoing wave of job resignations in the U.S. and its implications for employers.

Leveraging 360 Data for Talent and Business Success: Discover how 360 data can help retain valuable talent and support business objectives during these challenging times.

A Guide to Effective 360 Data Utilization: Learn how to make the most of 360 data for organizational success, gaining insights and achieving your goals in turbulent job markets.


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