Drive innovation within your workforce.

According to recent research by Brand Hall Group, 77% of employers think employee engagement is the most important people strategy to address workforce needs in 2023. However, employee engagement can be a nebulous goal. 

In Reigniting Employee Motivation to Drive Innovation in Your Workforce, co-sponsored by Brandon Hall Group and Explorance, you’ll find actionable tips and strategies to keep your employees engaged and thriving within your company.


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Learn how to:

  • Leverage the data you already have and convert them into actions to start driving improvement
  • Better understand your workforce to build employee experiences that drive both engagement and effectiveness
  • Utilize machine learning and AI to analyze employee comments

Why download the full report? 

Taking employee listening to the next level: Learn how to analyze comments and  statements to identify themes, sentiments and recommendations from your workforce.

Feedback analytics solutions: Discover a detailed Explorance model that will allow you to determine which measures you should focus on to improve employee engagement. 

Listening better, not more: Diversify your employee feedback method to reduce survey fatigue and obtain more usable data.  


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