A Definitive Guide to Course Evaluations

A must-read for anyone using course evaluations to drive student success

Higher Education has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, driven by a confluence of factors. Students now have an expanding array of choices tailored to their individual goals, preferences, and circumstances. A Definitive Guide to Course Evaluations is a tool for educational leaders to delve into the best practices, methodologies, and strategies for designing and implementing effective course evaluations to enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning.


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Learn how to: 

  • Design effective course evaluations
  • Administer course evaluations efficiently
  • Analyze the data and make informed decisions
  • Customize reports for key stakeholders
  • Implement changes and monitor impact

Why download the full report? 

Get prepared: Create the ultimate plan to be ready and anticipate issues before they appear. Learn how to create a course evaluation timeline, communicate the purpose and process to students, and select the best evaluation method.

Obtain better data: Identify the right tool to collect data, ensure accessibility for all students, monitor response rates and enhance student participation

Overcome challenges: Develop an action plan based on course evaluation data and adjust teaching practices to answer student needs. 


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