Feedback Culture:
Redefining Teaching Effectiveness with Holistic Evaluation Methods

Colleges and universities have traditionally relied on a single data point in student evaluations, a perspective that cannot adequately describe the complete extent of inclusive and effective teaching practices. Watch this webinar with guests speakers from Northwestern University and Dalhousie University to explore the innovative ways to evaluate teaching effectiveness beyond traditional student evaluations, and how a more holistic approach can mitigate implicit bias and create a comprehensive overview of teaching excellence.

In this episode, we discuss:

- How a combination of self-assessment, peer reviews, and student evaluations of teaching can facilitate diverse perspectives on teaching and learning practices.
- The benefits of a holistic evaluation of teaching for faculty, students, and your institution.
- How the complexities of this comprehensive approach can be simplified and facilitated through frameworks and technology.

Did you miss Episode 1 of our Feedback Culture series? Catch up on Mitigating Bias with Course Evaluations anytime, on demand! Click here to watch.

Meet the Panelists

Suzanne_Mayfild (1)
Elizabeth Gillis, PhD
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, PhD
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Scott Esker (3)
Veronica Womack, PhD
Associate Director, Inclusive Learning Communities
Headshot (4)
Pete Baccile
Session Moderator
Rittu Sehgal
Senior Solution Analyst

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